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Turkey Paitan Ramen

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This is a seasonal special ramen. 

About the ramen
Thanksgiving feast in one bowl.
Celebrate Thanksgiving with our delicious one of a kind Turkey Paitan Ramen.

What's special?
We simmered turkey to extract its best flavors, with festive thanksgiving toppings including slow-braised turkey breast chashu, garlic butter roasted brussel sprouts, grounded turkey-cranberry umami paste, cream cheese mashed potato, and Italian parsley to freshen things up. Enjoy our new ramen that you cannot find anywhere else, even in Tokyo.


  • 1 Noodle pouch
  • 1 Broth pouch
  • Slow-braised turkey breast chashu
  • Garlic butter roasted brussel sprouts
  • Grounded turkey-cranberry umami paste
  • Cream cheese mashed potato
  • Italian parsley