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Garlic Butter Shio Ramen

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About this Ramen 
Pure, minimal, and flavorful.  Delicate harmony of seafood and chicken broth, and garlic butter giving a rich finish, making you crave for the next slurp. 

What's special
Highly aromatic soup made with clear chicken broth mixed with bonito flakes and various seafood ingredients.

Made of kelp and several types of dried fish and dried seaweed, this sauce is high in glutamic acid. It makes for a highly satisfying bowl even when paired with a
lighter soup base.

Garlic-infused butter
We slowly infused the garlic to bring out its irresistible aroma to its highest. 

・1 Noodle pouch
・1 Broth pouch
・Pork Chashu (Marinated braised pork)
・Menma (Braised bamboo shoots)
・Naruto (Fish cake)
・Nori (Seaweed)

*The actual product only includes the ingredients listed above. The dishes shown in the images may contain extra garnishing as serving suggestions.

Soy, Egg, Wheat