Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Position Overview

At Ramen Hero, we’re passionate about bringing authentic, fun, new ramen experience to everyone, whenever and wherever they want it. Our team is committed to making real ramen accessible.

As our first key marketing hire, you will work directly with the founder to create Ramen Hero’s core marketing strategy from the ground up and execute it.

Our direct-to-consumer brand will count on you to get us in front of customers and share with them Ramen Hero’s mission: bringing excitement to life through ramen. Yes, you read that right - we do love ramen that much. The Marketing Manager should have a proven track record of growing a consumer brand from the ground up cost effectively, and also creatively. The candidate will also have the responsibility for recruiting and nurturing a team of marketers because you will help us grow that fast :). 


  • Jointly formulate Ramen Hero’s vision and overarching marketing strategy with the CEO
  • Clearly articulate Ramen Hero’s long-term marketing strategy and break it down into executable chunks
  • Define positioning, messaging, and competitive differentiation so our customers know who we are, and our teams (Marketing, Product, Operations and Engineering) get the “why.” 
  • Measure, measure, measure. You obsess over customer acquisition and retention
  • Build a marketing team from scratch.
  • Engineer revenue dependability through  a loyalty program, while balancing cost-effective growth through the deployment of a combination of disciplined paid marketing spend and creative tactics
  • Run and interpret paid experiments that help drive strategic and collaborative cross-functional efforts between the Marketing, Product, Operations and Engineering organizations. Yes, marketing has the voice of customer also.

Experience and skills, requirement

  • 5+ years of direct experience in Consumer Product/Brand Experience
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and previous experience in early startups. You are resourceful and fiscally responsible.
  • You tell a good story, take product evangelism to heart, and have an uncanny instinct for identifying and speaking to the users’ met and unmet needs
  • Quantitative and analytical thinker thinking. While you can design interesting and creative marketing campaigns, you are dispassionately data driven and obsessed with process improvement.
  • You ask, what’s the hypothesis? How can we test this? And go do it.
  • Ability to prioritize time and resources across a team of people and concurrent (potentially conflicting) workstreams.
  • Understanding of current cultural trends in food, music, fashion, and tech.
  • You should be a ramen lover/believer :)


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