Marketing Lead

Marketing Lead

Position Overview

At Ramen Hero, we’re passionate about bringing authentic, fun, new ramen experience to everyone, whenever and wherever they want it. Our team is committed to making real ramen accessible.

As our first key marketing hire, you will work directly with the founder to create Ramen Hero’s core marketing strategy from the ground up and execute it.

The Marketing Lead will play a critical role in realizing Ramen Hero’s mission: bring excitement to life though ramen. The Marketing Lead should have a proven track record of growing a consumer brand from the ground up by implementing a successful marketing strategy and executing marketing campaigns. The candidate will also be responsible for building and managing a talented team that can successfully execute our marketing strategy and accomplish our mission.


  • Play a leading role in developing Ramen Hero’s long-term marketing strategy.
  • Build a marketing team from scratch.
  • With the founder and CEO, create the vision and principle for Ramen Hero’s overarching marketing strategy.
  • Collaborate with the founder and help create a loyalty program.
  • Develop positioning, messaging, and competitive differentiation so that potential and existing customers can appreciate the value of our products better. It should direct, support, and enable strategic and collaborative cross-functional efforts between the Marketing, Product, Operations and Engineering organizations.
  • Take initiative in executing customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.
  • Be the voice of the customer to influence the product organization and roadmap using data and insights from analytics.

Experience and skills, requirement

  • 5+ years of direct experience in Consumer Product/Brand Experience.
  • Quantitative by nature: strong analytical thinker, making data-driven decisions and obsessed with process improvement.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and previous experience in early startups. You are resourceful and fiscally responsible.
  • Hypothesize & validate: Always have crystal clear reasons for every action you take - make a hypothesis for what you think is important for improving customer experiences and validate it.
  • Ability to prioritize time and resources.
  • Insight-driven, analytical thinker: a Track record of leveraging both internal user data and the latest research into consumer insights to help define the product experience.
  • Data-driven decision making: Complements all decisions with supportive analytics and biased to test/measure performance continuously.
  • Compelling Storyteller: Passionate about engaging and educating customers by delivering a compelling message through a deep understanding of users’ met and unmet needs. Proven ability to develop and implement strong messaging that is aligned with the company’s mission in order to drive excitement and energy to best serve our customers and significantly improve performance. Strong understanding of customer needs/wants and integrates insights into messages that “delight” our customers.
  • Understanding of current cultural trends in food, music, fashion, and tech.
  • You should be a ramen lover/believer :)


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