• What's the serving size?

    Each individual kit is one full-size adult serving. The serving size is about 20oz, which is about 567g. The noodles take up 4.94 oz or 140g of the total.
  • How should I store the ramen and how long does it keep?

    Please place the product in your freezer as soon as possible. Products will stay fresh for more than a month if kept frozen. You can find the exact expiration date on back of each meal kit.
  • What does each meal kit contain?

    1 pouch of soup, 1 bag of noodles, 4 toppings (1 pouch with nori seaweed and 1 pouch with 3 different toppings) will be included per serving. The serving size is about 20oz, which is about 567g. The noodles take up 4.94 oz or 140g of the total.
  • How should I cook it?

    Please refer to thecooking tipson this website.
  • The ramen was not frozen when I opened the package. Can I still eat it?

    Unfortunately, no. We do not recommend eating your ramen if it was not frozen upon your unboxing. The reasoning behind this is not only because it might not be safe to consume, but because we take pride in our quality of our products. Thawing frozen products and re-freezing could severely diminish our high quality standards and we want you to only experience the best.
  • Where can I see nutritional information?

    You can find the nutritional information on the back of the package. If you would like to see the nutritional label before you make your purchase, please click on the specific flavor or pack in our menu page, and go to the nutrition facts & ingredients section.
  • Are there vegetarian/vegan options?

    Yes. We currently offer the “Miso Impossible” and “Hippie Van” ramen recipes which are both 100% vegan and just as delicious.
  • Do you have any gluten-free options?

    We do not carry gluten-free ramen currently. But we’re working on it.
  • I'm allergic to...?

    Some of our products contain egg, soy, wheat, fish, and/or sesame. Ingredients can be seen on each individual ramen kit page. None of our products contain shellfish, crustacean or peanuts.

    Please note that, although we do our best to prevent cross-contamination, we make all of our ramen in a facility where these allergens might be processed. As a result, we do not recommend our products to anyone with severe allergies.
  • Is it safe to boil the ingredients in the plastic?

    Yes, the ingredients are sealed inside BPA free, durable sous-vide bags that can withstand freezing and boiling.
  • Do you deliver to me?

    We currently deliver throughout the US, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and certain zip codes. To see if we deliver to your area, please enter your zip code in the box at the bottom of the checkout page and click on the "Check" button. Please note that we cannot deliver to P.O. boxes.
    Please enter your ZIP code to find out if we can deliver to your area.
  • When will the ramen be delivered?

    For in-stock items, we expect to be able to ship your order within 5-10 business days. Due to the current situation, please note that orders may be slightly delayed due to the increase in order volume we are experiencing.
  • How is the quality of the ramen maintained?

    We only use the best packaging materials with dry ice to ensure the freshness of the product is maintained until midnight of the day of delivery. Please be sure to place the product in your freezer as soon as you receive it.
  • What about my tea?

    Tea will ship separately from ramen if you order them together. Please expect a delivery in 5-7 business days. Refrigeration is not required but recommended upon opening.
  • How much is shipping?

    Orders containing a subscription item qualify for free shipping! For all other orders, price may vary depending on the exact shipping address and the size of your order.

    Estimated shipping fee: $NaN
    Price may be recalculated at checkout.
  • COVID-19 Updates

    Our Supply Chain
    All of our products are made in the USA and our fulfillment partner is conducting thorough and frequent health and cleanliness checks. All associates at their fulfillment centers re required to wear gloves and safety masks. They are also requiring any outside personnel entering the facility (including vendors and drivers) to wear personal protective equipment and undergo a temperature check.

    Importantly, we work closely with partners to ensured that safety first in our supply chain.

    Possible Changes
    Please note that given the unprecedented circumstances, there may be order processing and delivery delays. However we are committed to getting orders to our customers as quickly as possible.

    We truly appreciate your patience as we navigate this situation during these times and sincerely apologize for any delay that may incurred as part of the safety precaution procedures. If receiving a delicious ramen package at a later date is not convenient for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, we would be happy to help you out.
  • What time will the ramen arrive at?

    Most orders will be delivered between 9 AM and 8 PM. Tracking services are available by shipping provider.
  • Why did some of my items ship separately?

    In order for us to ship your order as soon as possible, one or more of your items might ship separately. You will receive an email notification if any items are delayed. Another email containing tracking information will be sent once your order ships out. Items that are shipped separately will not be charged for additional shipping.
  • What is Ramen Hero?

    Our mission is to make authentic, premium Japanese ramen accessible to every noodle-loving American. We’re the first company to deliver real “Honkaku” ramen meal kits in the U.S.
  • Are there storefronts?

    Not yet. Currently we offer our ramen solely through our online shop which ships all across the country.