Vegan Tomato Shoyu Ramen
Vegan Tomato Shoyu Ramen

Vegan Tomato Shoyu Ramen

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About this Ramen 

Vegan Tomato Shoyu Ramen is made by combining a homemade tomato sauce to our vegan soup base. The slight acidity of the tomato sauce livens up the gentle flavors of the soup.

What's special

The soup is taken by carefully simmering several vegetables with onion as a base. The tare is made with koikuchi soy sauce infused with dried shitake mushroom and kombu kelp to give an extra oomph of umami to the ramen without the use of animal products. It’s what makes the gentle soup base pop.

Noodles are high water-content flat noodles that do a great job lifting the soup along with it. Your palate will enjoy every facet of this flavorful soup with each slurp you take.

For the topping, we use plant-based protein that’s flavored with various vegetables and homemade miso sauce.

・1 Noodle pouch
・1 Broth pouch
・Plant Based Niku Miso

Don’t be fooled by the name, this unique, umami-packed, Vegan Tomato Ramen is recommended to every ramen enthusiast, not just vegans and vegetarians. 

*The actual product only includes the ingredients listed above. The dishes shown in the images may contain extra garnishing as serving suggestions.


Soy, Wheat