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New Year Ramen 2018  - Creamy Shrimp Ramen -

New Year Ramen 2018 - Creamy Shrimp Ramen -

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A shrimp bisque-inspired ramen topped with traditional Japanese New Year ingredients for a festive flare. The soup starts with a classic, creamy chicken broth (Tori Paitan), with shrimp and vegetables stewed together and a hint of soy milk to add a creamy finish. Toppings include a whole head-on boiled shrimp, shrimp meatballs, sautéed lotus root, and mitsuba (Japanese parsley).


We sautéed shrimp and vegetables to bring out their flavors and blended it together in a mixer with Tori Paitan soup and soy milk. We then strained the soup to give it a silky, smooth texture. 


Whole head-on shrimp
After boiling a whole shrimp in salted water, we soaked it in a mixture of sake, soy sauce and mirin(sweet rice wine) to give it more flavor. We decided to feature shrimp in our ramen this month because it is a commonly found ingredient in traditional Japanese New Year meals.

Shrimp Meatball
We boiled bite-sized portions of shrimp meat mixed with several seasonings to make shrimp meatballs. Although in Japan it is common to add ginger, we used garlic for a better pairing with ramen.

Lotus Root
We sliced and pan fried lotus root in a soy sauce-based, sweet and savory sauce. With its many holes, lotus roots symbolizes the hope for an unobstructed, clear view of the future in Japanese New Year cuisine.

We blanched this Japanese herb, much like parsley, in salt water and tied it into a knot. In Japanese, this is knots are a good luck symbol for “tying” connections.