Ramen Hero, the Father's Day gift your Dad will actually enjoy

Ramen Hero, the Father's Day gift your Dad will actually enjoy

For Father’s Day this year you could get your dad a tie he’ll never actually wear, or some power tool he doesn’t actually want. Or hey, there’s this cologne that smells like pork BBQ, which is a real thing that really exists.

Or, you could also just get him a gift he’ll actually enjoy, a gift he can eat and experience and fill both his belly and his soul. You could get him one of our ramen kits.

Ramen Hero Father's Day
Ramen Hero's Matt Tamaru and his father Gary

Whether your father is a ramen fanatic looking for his next fix or someone brand new to Honkaku ramen, our bowls are perfect for Father’s Day. They’re delicious, they’ll ship right to his door, and they’re easy to make; if your dad can boil water, he can cook a Ramen Hero bowl in 10 minutes.

Plus, our bowls are made to be customized, so if your dad is the type to put hot sauce on everything, perfect, he’ll fit right into Ramen Hero. Check out our full selection now and get one for your dad now before you’re stuck ordering BBQ cologne at the last minute.

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And despite all the bad dad jokes above, we do want to take a moment to give a sincere thank you to all the fathers out there who give their everything to their children. Thank you dads, you are noticed and appreciated.
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