Let’s talk about the price of Ramen Hero bowls…

Let’s talk about the price of Ramen Hero bowls…

Everything we do, from how we make our ramen to how we treat our customers, is done in the spirit of Honkaku, and that means directly and honestly addressing your questions and concerns. You asked if we could use less plastic in our packaging, we explained our plan to become more eco-friendly. You asked if you could put hot sauce on your ramen, we said absolutely.

And now, let’s turn to talking about the price of a Ramen Hero bowl, which is one of our most frequent questions and comments.

For example, take this comment on one of our recent Instagram posts.


We hear you allthebrightplaxes, and everyone else who’s expressed a similar sentiment. You’re exactly right, we’ve worked tirelessly to get our bowls to taste just as good as the best Honkaku ramen restaurants, but with the convenience of shipment straight to your house, at the same price.

Just consider that:

  • All our recipes are by Hideki Kunimura, a Japanese ramen chef with years of experience cooking in Tokyo’s top-rated ramen restaurants.
  • We make every bowl of ramen from scratch using rigorous techniques. Each bowl uses only high quality ingredients and never use additives or shortcuts to bring out the fullest, richest umami flavor possible.
  • We’ve perfected our freezing and insulation process to ensure our products are delivered full of all the flavor they were created with, and we’re constantly exploring better packaging solutions to be more eco-friendly and easy-to-make.



When we say our bowls taste restaurant quality, we mean it. So considering that the average Ramen Hero bowl is about $17, that stacks up with what you’d pay at a restaurant, before tax and tip. Add in the convenience of guaranteed-fresh home delivery and we’re proud to stand by that price.

With that said, we’re very aware that every dollar is precious, especially in the current economy, and so we’re constantly looking for ways to make our shipping and packaging process more efficient and pass those savings onto you. And we’re always looking for opportunities to bring free bowls to those in need, like in our recent giveaway to the families of military veterans.

The one thing we’ll never do, however, is sacrifice one drop of quality to cut costs. We’re not on a mission to pad our pockets, we’re on a mission to show everyone in America what great, Honkaku ramen tastes like by bringing it straight to their door. That passion is what prompted us to start Ramen Hero, and that passion is what gets us out of bed every morning and back in the kitchen.

We’re so genuinely grateful for every order a customer places, and we promise that we'll never stop looking for ways to deliver true, delicious value for your money. Thank you.


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