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Pork Belly Chashu Bowl Recipe

Chashu (pork fillet) made with pork belly not only go well with noodles, it is also a perfect accompaniment to rice. The tare sauce is a little sweet so please add your preferred amount of pepper and chillies.


  • Pork Back Ribs Chashu…75g
  • Soy Sauce…20ml
  • Sake…20ml
  • Sugar…10g
  • Rice…200g



  1. Apply heat to the soy sauce, sake, and sugar and boil the ingredients down to approximately 2/3. Please make sure to stir the ingredients while it boils so it doesn’t burn.
  2. Fry the chashu. When the surface of the noodles is crisp and turns a golden brown, please add 1 tare.
  3. Place two pieces of chashu on top of the rice in a bowl and then pour the tare on top. If you prefer, you may also add Japanese leeks, etc.