Oyster ramen in Tsukiji: やじ満 (Yajima)

Oyster ramen in Tsukiji: やじ満 (Yajima)

There are a number of small, popular shops in Tsukiji market and Yajima is one of them.

Mini カキラーメン(Mini Oyster Ramen)
Between the months of October to March, the oysters are at their prime and taste the best. During this limited time is when you can also get the Mini Oyster Ramen at Yajima.
The soup has a slightly salty taste with the added flavors from oysters and stir-fried vegetables. The oysters are cooked under a medium heat that makes them juicy and keeps their rich flavor. When prepared this way the oysters stand out just a little more.
The soup is topped with the 2 large oysters that are covered in flour and sautéed. You can also find onions, chives, daikon radish, and wood ear mushrooms on top. The noodles are medium-sized and only a little water is added to them so that they pair perfectly with the soup.

This oyster ramen created in the Tsukiji market is unique. Although the ramen toppings do not provide many examples of the area’s distinctive characteristics, it is interesting when these splendid flavors are combined.

やじ満 (Yajima)

5-2-1 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo-to
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