Pre-order our Classic Tonkotsu ramen now

Pre-order our Classic Tonkotsu ramen now

It turns out that when people are stuck at home they turn to Honkaku ramen kits for comfort, and considering we spend up to 12 hours hand cooking each batch of broth alone, the sudden surge in demand had cleaned out our inventory (thank you!). But the Ramen Hero team has been cooking tirelessly to catch back up and we’re excited to announce that one of our most popular flavors, the Classic Tonkotsu ramen, is once again available for pre-order.

Ramen Hero Classic Totally Tonkotsu

Even better, we’re seizing the opportunity to unveil both a new nickname for the Classic Tonkotsu ramen, Totally Tonkotsu, and a new and improved recipe.

Classic Tonkotsu has been one of the most popular flavors since it was first introduced, and we’ve spent the last few months reviewing the balance of ingredients and working to extract even more umami from the pork bones. We’re proud of the results, and we’re confident that anyone who loves the rich Honkaku flavor you can only get from a pure broth will love it too.

Pre-order now, we’ll throw in free shipping, and you’ll be slurping some Totally Tonkotsu soon. Thank you for being a ramen hero, and keep an eye out for updates on all our other flavors as we work to make them available as soon as possible as well.
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