Michelin guide rated clam soup ramen : むぎとオリーブ (Mugi and Olive)

Michelin guide rated clam soup ramen : むぎとオリーブ (Mugi and Olive)

“Mugi to Olive” (where “to” means “and” in Japanese) is one of the first ramen shops to be included in the Bib Gourmand list on the Michelin Guide. Because of such recognition, many people can be seen waiting in the long line that forms before opening hours.

蛤SOBA (Clam Ramen)

The soup base is mainly made up of hamaguri clams and chicken fat is added to give it some thickness and rich flavor. The noodles are straight, medium-thick, that easily soak up the soup to ensure every bite is full of flavor. The toppings are chicken breast, clams, nagaimo potatoes, kamaboko fish cakes, mitsuba greens, nori seaweed, and green onions.

The chicken breast is melt-in-your-mouth tender and cooked to perfection. The surface of the Nagaimo potato is lightly cooked and the aroma and texture really stand out and give the ramen a kick.

When making clam stock, it’s important not to boil it for too long or else the flavor will become too muddled. Mugi to Olive’s is done just right, the base clam soup is rather subtle and its flavor is well balanced. The chicken fat also gives the ramen a familiar feel and somewhat resembles a traditional chicken shoyu ramen.

The stylish atmosphere definitely suits Ginza, which is named as one of the “luxury” upscale neighborhoods in Tokyo.The restaurant interior uses a nice, simple wooden countertop with water served in stainless steel cups. Ramen restaurants traditionally were judged solely on flavor, and never were associated with being “stylish”, however, we do see a new trend in restaurants putting more emphasis on interior and overall presentation.

Perhaps we now see more ramen shops on the Michelin Guide because more restaurants are now focusing on the overall experience rather than flavor alone.

むぎとオリーブ (Mugi to Olive)
6-12-12 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo-to

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