This Memorial Day, we’re offering free ramen to military families

by Ramen Hero - May 22, 2020

There was a time not too long ago when Memorial Day would have been an occasion to get all our friends and family together for a party, maybe we would have even created a new BBQ ramen recipe in celebration.

While many things have changed, some haven’t. We’re still on a mission to make ramen accessible to everyone, and in that spirit we’re giving away free ramen kits to military families, especially ones with loved ones stationed away from home.

Memorial Day giveaway

 Photo by Frank Mckenna


We know at the best of times life can be stressful and busy for these families, and especially in the midst of a global pandemic, we want to provide them with a delicious, easy-to-make meal for free. Ramen has provided many moments of comfort at the end of a long day in our lives, and we want to give that moment to a military family.

We'd like to give a sincere, Honkaku thank you to all the members of the military, and their family and friends, for their incredible service and sacrifices.