Meet Our New Limited-Edition “Citrus Kick” Flavor

Meet Our New Limited-Edition “Citrus Kick” Flavor

The Spicy Lemon Kick You Need to Tackle 2021  

I’m obsessed with Honkaku ramen, and while I’ll happily eat it for every meal, what I love most is the culture behind the food. It’s a culture that holds to traditional cooking methods while constantly pushing for innovation.   

In that spirit of creativity, we’re announcing a series of limited-edition releases based on new flavors that emerge from our constant experiments in the kitchen, and the Ramen Hero community’s input.

First up, we’d like you to meet our new limited-edition  “Citrus Kick” ramen flavor. Inspired by a year that handed us all lemons, “Citrus Kick” will be available from the beginning of April through June. 

“Citrus Kick” is a spicy ramen that will make you taste - and feel - your ramen by combining chicken broth, dashi flavor, and shio (salt) tare, plus an original spicy lemon sauce. With a flavor profile inspired by Yuzukosho, a traditional Japanese seasoning, and topped with pork belly chashu and black pepper pork ragu, the blend of sourness and heat is designed to infuse your senses with flavor.

Our new Lemon Shio flavored ramen called Citrus Kick

“We were looking for a ramen that would be perfect for spring and summer. The combination of dried bonito and citrus work beautifully together while the spiciness of green chilis and black pepper gives the dish a zing you didn’t see coming.” - “ Ramen Hero Head Chef Hideki Kunimura


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While “Citrus Kick” is only available through June, we’re just getting started. As mentioned, we aim to create many more new flavors this year and then invite you to vote on which one should remain on our permanent menu. (Personally I think the Citrus Kick has a real shot at eventually taking the title.)

It’s all part of our mission to spread the joys of honkaku ramen to every home in America. So get yourself a bowl of Citrus Kick now, keep an eye out for more new flavors, and thank you. 

Happy slurping,

Hiro Hasagawa, Ramen Hero Founder

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