Green noodles with health benefits? :麺屋 六感堂 (Menya Rokkando)

Green noodles with health benefits? :麺屋 六感堂 (Menya Rokkando)

With several ramen shops located in Ikebukuro, the ramen competition is high in this neighborhood of Tokyo. Located a few minutes away from downtown Ikebukuro is “Menya Rokkando”.

At this shop, you have the option to order traditional style noodles or be adventurous and order their house specialty green noodles.

This is the most popular item on their menu, the Shio Green Yuzu Mitsuba
The soup broth is made only with seafood ingredients and mitsuba and yuzu zest are added as toppings. The soup is clear and light, with a faint fragrance of bonito flakes. The mistuba and yuzu toppings add a refreshing kick to the overall flavor.

Euglena is kneaded into the noodles to give it its distinct green color. Euglena (“midori mushi”, which literally means “green bug” in Japanese) is a type of algae, and is high in nutrients. The noodles are rather absorbent with a chewy and soft texture that really go down really well.

This meatless broth is extremely delicate. If the noodles were too strong in flavor, or too powdery, it could dilute the soup and disrupt the overall harmony. However, the green noodle’s texture and delicate flavor is just perfect for the soup.

There have been many ramen shops opening in Japan and the competition is only getting higher and forcing stores to come up with new ramen creations. There is a stigma that ramen is fattening, however, Menya Rokkando has successfully created a healthy ramen that stands out in the industry today. It’s always a happy feeling to discover new, delicious ramen and a healthy version is always a bonus!

麺屋 六感堂 (Menya Rokkando)
2-57-2, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to

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