Feel the holidays with ramen! Tomato tori-paitan ramen

Feel the holidays with ramen! Tomato tori-paitan ramen

The holiday season is just around the corner! How is everyone doing?

Ramen Hero launched this March, and ever since then, we’ve been able to develop new and improved menus thanks to your feedback and support. Thank you for your continuous love!!!

Here at Ramen Hero, we deliver a new monthly special menu every month. Each month has a theme, and we made a Pumpkin Ramen for Halloween in October, and a Turkey Ramen for Thanksgiving in November. What’s for December? You got it, the theme is Holiday!

Tomato Tori-Paitan Ramen was inspired by Christmas colors. We added tomato sauce to rich and creamy chicken broth. Tree-shaped broccoli and star-shaped Turmeric cookies make the soup even more colorful. Enjoy the perfectly-balanced chemistry between rich Tori-Paitan soup and the sourness of the tomato sauce. Taste the colors you’ve never experienced in a ramen before.

* ”Tori” means chicken and “Paitan” means “white soup” in Japanese. This rich and creamy soup is made by boiling the chicken with heat so high that it could melt its bones.collagen and soup body.

2017 is almost over! How about going home to a hot ramen soup on a cold winter night? Ramen Hero’s ramen kit will be there with you.

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