Inside our move to eco-friendly packaging

Inside our move to eco-friendly packaging

Today is Earth Day, which is the perfect opportunity to talk about a subject that’s been a priority for Ramen Hero since our launch - our packaging.

In the Honkaku spirit of authenticity and honesty, we’ve heard from some of our customers that while they love our ramen, they wish there wasn’t so much plastic packaging.

We agree.

Ramen Hero Eco-Friendly Packaging
Photo by Vlad Kutepov

We want Ramen Hero to be a force for good, both on your dinner table and in the larger world, and that’s why for the past year we’ve been working on ways to make Ramen Hero more eco-friendly.

First, we’ve now made the shipping box and insulation fully recyclable, which will go a long way towards reducing waste. And second, we’re currently developing a new order option that will contain two or more servings in one package. Once ready, this will not only make it even easier to cook authentic ramen for your family and friends, it will significantly decrease the amount of plastic used. 

Our long-term goal is to make our packaging completely recyclable and compostable, and to that end we’ve spent the last year meeting with sustainable packaging suppliers. The challenge is to find materials that are both eco-friendly and capable of ensuring each shipment of ramen can travel from us to any home in America with all the freshness and flavor you expect.

That challenge is one we’ve fully embraced, and we’re looking forward to sharing more updates on our packaging efforts in the future.
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