Delicious ramen: 道頓堀神座渋谷店(Doutonbori Kamukura at Shibuya)

Delicious ramen: 道頓堀神座渋谷店(Doutonbori Kamukura at Shibuya)

Dotonbori Kamukura first opened its doors in Osaka Dotonbori and has set up shop at 3 other locations in Tokyo.

We were surprised to see that one of the menu items was named, “Oishi Ramen” which means delicious ramen in Japanese.

The ramen broth has a sweet taste to it. The noodles are of a medium thickness and are boiled to perfection creating the perfect texture. The ramen is topped with sliced roasted pork.


This “Oishi Ramen” feels quite personal with somewhat of a nostalgic taste. If you grew up in a Japanese household it sort of reminds you of the home-cooked meals you’d get as a child. Japanese hot-pot dishes often use the Chinese cabbage and pork ingredients that can also be found in the ramen. This must be what triggers the nostalgic feeling.

The ingredients used in Japanese soups are not limited to ramen, they are often used in other dishes and a similar taste can be captured. Kamukura ramen shops appeal to people who grew up eating these simple but well-made soups. This might be the reason why the number of Kamukura ramen locations are growing in Japan because it attracts those feeling a little homesick.

道頓堀神座渋谷店(Doutonbori Kamukura at Shibuya)
29-4 Udagawa-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo-to
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