The top 5 cities ordering the most ramen

The top 5 cities ordering the most ramen

Turns out all of America is ramen country.

Ramen Hero was started because we realized most Americans just don’t have access to the kind of Honkaku ramen that we’re obsessed with. Even if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the few cities with a great ramen restaurant it can take over an hour to get inside. And what about all the other ramen lovers in the US who don't live near a good restaurant? Or the millions more who would never get the chance to fall in love with authentic ramen because they’d never tasted anything but instant?

It’s an essential part of our mission to bring Honkaku ramen to anyone, anywhere, and our ramen travels have now taken us to doorsteps across 48 American states.

Through our journeys we’ve learned that a love for ramen knows no boundaries...but because America is also a country that loves some friendly competition and rivalries, we thought it’d be fun to unveil the five cities who have ordered the most ramen since the start of 2020.

Did your city make the list?

1. San Francisco Bay Area, CA

SF’s top spot here should come as no surprise since some of America’s best ramen spots are also in the City by the Bay, and just south of the City, San Jose is also a top ramen-orderer. Maybe it’s about time Gov. Newsom considered adding a bear eating noodles to its state flag

2. New York, NY

We travel across the country for the number two spot, where New Yorkers are slurping at an extraordinary rate. Maybe it’s time we start to work on a pizza-flavored ramen recipe to really make them happy. 

Los Angeles
Photo Credit: Martin Adams

3. Los Angeles, CA

Southern California makes its first appearance here via the City of Angels, where the good people of L.A. appear to be alternating at-home ramen meals with trips to the taco truck. 

4. Phoenix, AZ

Perhaps a bit of a surprise to make the Top 5, but Phoenix’s place here helps prove that ramen love is far from a coastal phenomenon. Apparently it’s never too hot to enjoy a steaming bowl of noodles. 

5. Seattle, WA

While Phoenix residents are eating ramen to make it through heat waves, Seattle’s high ranking spot shows a hot bowl of ramen is also the cure for rainy day blues. The lesson? All weather is ramen weather. 

While the bigger cities may dominate this list in large part because they simply contain more people, we also have to give a shout out to some of the smaller cities showing their ramen pride. There’s nothing we love more than boldly delivering ramen somewhere we haven’t before, and some of our recent travels have brought us to:
  • Olathe, Kansas
  • Franklin, Tennessee
  • Ardmore, Pennsylvania
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Isle of Palms, South Carolina
We’ve got love for every ramen-loving place in the country, and we won’t rest until one of our ramen kits has been delivered to every city in America. It’s a big task, but we’re up to it. So just rest assured that no matter where you live, when you’re in the mood to slurp, we’ll be there.

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