Best Tori Paitan in Tokyo

Best Tori Paitan in Tokyo

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In keeping with the theme of RAMEN KAONASHI’S fantastic ramen recipe series, here is a list of the best Tori Paitan shops in Tokyo! If you haven’t read the recipe yet, be sure to check it out so you can see all of the effort and dedication needed to prepare this meticulous dish. To introduce the style a bit, the ramen is basically a rich and creamy chicken soup. Paitan is a word used in the ramen industry to refer to a thick soup as opposed to the Chintan which refers to a light, thin soup. The Tori is in reference to the ingredient, chicken, but the Paitan style can be made with anything as long as the resulting soup is nice and creamy. The following is a list of specifically Tori Paitan, but there are Paitan ramen made with other ingredients! Anyways, without further ado, here is what I consider the 5 best in Tokyo!


Ramen Maikagura (らーめんMAIKAGURA)



Probably the newest shop on this list, Ramen Maikagura has, in the three years since their inception, made quite the name for themselves serving up some upper echelon level Tori Paitan. Located a short distance from Chitose Funabashi station on the Odakyu train line, be sure to open up some of your schedule for the inevitable line which forms every day at their shop. While it can be daunting, it does move quite quickly and you’ll be in for a treat when you finally receive your bowl. 


First off, visually the ramen here is gorgeous and the beautiful, creamy soup is one you definitely want documented for your Instagram. The opaque, rich soup hides the thin noodles beneath the surface and is topped with a small mound of thinly sliced pork chashu, a spoonful of Japanese green negi, and half a soft boiled egg for a simple, but elegant plating. Soup is incredibly rich and creamy which, if you read the RAMEN KAONASHI recipe, you’ll know is incredibly difficult to achieve. There is an option to add white truffle oil, an addition that you should definitely order, which gives the soup that extra flavor and class that brings the whole bowl together nicely. 


Ginza Kagari (銀座 篝)



Most recognized shop on the list will likely fall to Ginza Kagari which offers a Tori Paitan which is routinely shared on Instagram and other social media sites. You can’t deny how beautiful their ramen looks and the flavors definitely match their visuals as they take meticulous time and care into preparing their bowls. The ramen here is in line with the Ginza neighborhood and is quite exquisite with options to add truffles to their elegant bowls. Shop is remarkably upscale and you’ll be surprised with the fine dining experience and makes for a memorable experience to say the least. 


Soup is of course chicken base and is steeped for hours to get the level of richness and creaminess you’ll experience. As you may recall from the RAMEN KAONASHI recipe, chicken Paitan is remarkably difficult to maintain the emulsion that is common with what you might find in something like a pork based version so Kagari includes a bit of starchy vegetables to add to the creamy mouthfeel of the soup. Noodles sourced from Mikawaya Seimen, a top noodle producer, pair magnificently with the soup for an incredible Paitan experience. If you’re looking for a fancy, intimate, ramen dining setting, definitely make your way to Ginza Kagari. 


Ramen Kamuro (らぁめん冠尾)



While not quite as refined and upcale as the previous two, Ramen Kamuro is a solid option, popular with the office workers in the area. Think of this as the everyday, working person’s ramen and regulars will frequent Kamuro multiple times a week during their lunch break. Located just a short walk from Ebisu station, Kamuro is the perfect shop to visit in between shopping in nearby Shibuya which is one station away. If you’re unsure about the style and want to dip your feet in, Kamuro is the shop for you.


Kamuro’s ramen is the sort of heartwarming bowl that you crave when you're looking for something that'll fill you up and keep you energized for the rest of the day. Soup is simple and easy to scarf down. Not quite as creamy as the previous two shops, but that sort of lightness is what makes this so popular among the regulars who eat here frequently. But not to worry, you’ll definitely leave satisfied with a generous serving of toppings which include chashu and an assortment of veggies. Secret pro tip here is to add a bit of the homemade Rayu chili oil provided at the table to give the soup a spicy kick. If you’re feeling a bit peckish, be sure to order the Tokusei, or extra topping bowl for some extra substance to your meal. 


Menko Ushio (麺巧 潮)

Another sort of everyday Tori Paitan ramen is the one served here at Menko Ushio, just a short walk from Ogawamachi station. The shop is located in a busy business district towards central Tokyo and attracts a number of salarymen, but also tourists who explored the nearby Akihabara area as well. While they serve other ramen varieties on their menu, definitely grab the Tori Paitan which may be the creamiest of the shops listed here.


What makes Menko Ushio’s ramen so velvety smooth is the addition of starchy vegetables like the one seen in Kagari, but also cream which gives it that traditional Western buttery mouthfeel. The toppings here are the highlight as they serve a unique bacon wrapped asparagus and a poached egg in lieu of a typical soft boiled one. Using an ultra aromatic flour called Enjin, the house made noodles pair perfectly with the soup and balances the bowl nicely. If your stomach allows, be sure to get their secondary menu item, which they named Japan’s Best Shoyu Soba (にほんいち醤油そば) for their use of Japan's best shoyu for their tare!


Menya Mizukaze (麺屋 瑞風)



Last on the list is Menya Mizukaze which is quite far from central Tokyo located near Tanashi station on the Seibu Shinjuku train line. Mizukaze serves a varied menu with both a Tori Paitan and Niboshi Shoyu ramen, but the bowl to grab is their Tori Paitan which is unique in comparison with the other shops on this list. Despite being so far from central Tokyo, the shop attracts a ton of ramen enthusiasts and fanatics so this is another shop that you probably want to give yourself some extra leeway in your schedule to visit. 


While probably not the creamiest of the Tori Paitan on the list, this is definitely the richest and is jam packed with flavor coming from the Momiji chicken feet, Torigara chicken carcass, chicken skin, and a bit of pork feet for an extra rich mouthfeel. The resulting soup, which is steeped for over 9 hours, is full of collagen which is why, while it might look a bit thin, has a smooth finish and is incredibly heartwarming. Noodles are sourced and made to pair with this unique soup and they balance each other wonderfully with a nice cling with each slurp. If you want a spicy kick, be sure to ask for the hot sauce from the chef. Mizukaze offers a variety of hot sauces from Tabasco to Blair’s Mega Death Sauce letting diner’s test their spice capabilities.  

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