A diner turned into a specialty ramen shop: Menya Shokudo in Hon-atsugi

A diner turned into a specialty ramen shop: Menya Shokudo in Hon-atsugi

“Menya Shokudo” is located in Honatsugi, Kanazawa prefecture which is next to Tokyo. Originally they started out as a diner serving various dishes but eventually, they have shifted to a specialty ramen shop.

Shio Ramen.

This is a Kanagawa style, light ramen where quality, thin noodles are paired with a transparent soup rich in flavor such as bonito flakes.

This Kanagawa style ramen is not officially defined, however, it is said to have started from “Kujiraken” and “Nakamuraya” (both ramen shops are famous for having created the ramen craze in Japan). It was created by pairing thin noodles with clear chicken broth soup.

This ramen includes two types of chashu, pork and chicken. They also top the ramen with flavored bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, green onions, deep fried scallions, and dried seaweed.

The shop’s interior is an old school, Japanese diner, however, the ramen continues to evolve with the trends. For example, they started offering tender chicken breast by slow-cooking chicken breast in low heat and changed their noodles from soft ones to less absorbent noodles with a firmer texture.

Ramen as a dish still has a young history and it is constantly changing and evolving.

A successful ramen shop is not just about maintaining the quality and flavor, but it’s also not being afraid of change and adjusting to trends. Menya Shokudo is definitely one of them that has stood the test of time.

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