Niboshi explosion in a bowl: アルス 南青山 (Ars Minami Aoyama)

Niboshi explosion in a bowl: アルス 南青山 (Ars Minami Aoyama)

Close to Nogizaka station, tucked away in the basement floor you can find “Ars Minami Aoyama”. While their hotpot menu is worth a try during the evenings, their main attraction continues to be the ramen served during lunch hours.


アルス煮干らぁめん(Ars Niboshi Dried Baby Sardine Ramen)
※Niboshi means Dried Baby Sardine

The restaurant uses a heaping amount of niboshi for just one ramen bowl. 150 grams of it to be exact. We have not seen other ramen shops use this much niboshi in one single bowl. The flavor is very pure, with minimal additives besides the niboshi.


As one can see from the color of the soup, it is very thick. You can truly taste the flavor of niboshi and its distinct bitter taste. Overall it is a delicate soup packed with the umami of the fish. To highlight the niboshi soup base, the rest of the elements in the ramen are quite simple. The noodles are medium thin, straight noodles, and the toppings include chashu and green onions.

To bring out the best flavor it is important to choose high-quality niboshi and to use the proper preparation technique. There is no doubt that this unique ramen dish is thoughtfully prepared and executed with pride.


Past ramen making trends used multiple ingredients to create concoctive flavors, however, we now see a trend of simpler ramen bowls focused on the quality of ingredients rather than the variety. It’s no simple task to create such a ramen bowl—it requires proper selection of ingredients, exceptional technique, and skills.

With such passion and pursuit, the ramen industry continues to evolve to satisfy the palettes of all ramen enthusiasts.


アルス 南青山 ( Ars Minamiaoyama)

1-15-19 Minamiaoyama Minato-ku Tokyo-to

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